We Promote the Growth of Your Business

We Believe That There is a Universe of Highly
Underserved Mexican Companies with Credit Needs and Growth Opportunities:

  • The offer of financial solutions is very limited
  • Bureaucratic processes that take months to complete
  • Limited amounts and inflexible structures inflexible

We offer agile and tailored solutions for companies facing liquidity and resource needs for growth, offering financing in Mexican Pesos and US Dollars.


DX3's technology platform provides financial solutions quickly and efficiently through the use of Artificial Intelligence and the integration of Data Science in its loan origination algorithms.


DX3's mission is to redefine the way mid sized companies in Mexico get the financial support they need to boost their growth, overcome obstacles or perform capital restructurings.

DX3 Credit Fund is a
Partner Company DD3 Capital Partners

Visit us at mano indice www.dd3.mx